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Welcome to the registration page of the Amsterdam Youth Force and Y+ Youth Pre-Conference!

Theme: Youth Empowerment & Validation

Date: 20th – 22nd  July, 2018
Although 30% of all new HIV infections occur amongst youth, we are usually underrepresented and our voices overshadowed. Organised by and for young people, the Youth Pre-Conference 2018 will focus on youth empowerment and validation. Our goal is to empower young people by providing a stage for youth across borders to speak, teach the necessary skills to further our fight against HIV and AIDS, learn and relax without asking permission to and therefore claiming our own space and power.

The Youth Pre-conference has three focus areas: Leadership, Peer-to-Peer Education, and Medical Science. Within each of these areas, we are creating houses, or teams, that focus on the role that you want to take up in the fight against HIV and AIDS. For example, you might want to be a better influencer to effect change and/or get more funding, a better manager to streamline your organisation or you might want to strengthen your skills to be more effective in reaching other young people. These different roles and houses will consist of three skill-based workshops and a personal development workshop to strengthen you as a person. The stronger and more confident you feel as a person the more effective you will be in obtaining your goal.   

Moreover, within your house you will do team building activities so that you can go more into depth during the workshops but also so that you will make friends for during the conference and after! 

 Late registrations are now open at 30 EUR(+ administrative transaction fees)! Check the next tab for details on each house and select your top ten-house preferences! (House allocations are on first come first serrve basis)

Feel free to contact us at with the subject line Youth Pre-Conference if you have questions.

Stay tuned for conference updates regarding the sign up for houses in your email and on our Facebook page 



The Leader Every global, national or local fight needs a leader, someone that has vision, knows how to take a movement forward and what we need to reach a large audience and mobilize them to get engaged in our fight. This house will teach you as our next leader, to define your goals and become an inspirational and effective leader.

  1. Leadership & HIV prevention among marginalized young people
  2. Meaningful Youth Participation
  3. Effective leadership

The Campaigner The global fight against HIV/AIDS requires not only ourselves to have vision and know what we want to change, we need to reach a large audience and mobilize them to get engaged in our fight and it is essential to develop products that are supported by a broader public or community and thus reaching out to those is necessary. This house will teach you how to use campaigns in the fight against HIV/AIDS and promoting comprehensive sexual education, and skills on guiding such outreach.

  1. People Powered Campaign
  2. Shifting the lens: New strategies toward mobilizing MSM- and TG- youth for enhanced HIV service delivery and outreach
    Humsafar Trust
  3. Youth and Movement Building: How young people can co-create movements

The Co-creator When aiming to change norms, policies or campaigns, it is essential to develop products that are supported by a broader public or community and thus reaching out to those is necessary. This house will give you skills on guiding such outreach by learning about brainstorming, receiving feedback and co-creating. You will then be able to help your peers identify and narrow down a problem and turn this into a solution or product.

  1. Tools for Co-creation and Design Thinking
  2. Co-creating the future with the use of technology
  3. Use of Social Media in the fight against HIV
    Diipa Khosla

The Lobbyist Influencing policy and decision makers and obtaining funding for your cause is an important step in our fight against HIV and AIDS. What are the best practises for getting funding, and where do we look for them? This house will focus on strengthening your skills to help steer policy and decision makers in the right direction.

  1. Strategy Development and Public Affairs
    Public Affairs Academy
  2. Keeping Policy Makers Accountable in the UN Advocacy Arena
    Youth Coalition
  3. Budget Advocacy: Lobbying for funds
    Youth Lead, Youth Rise, GNYP+

The Manager In order to make a visionary movement productive and effective, it is essential to organize ourselves. In this house, we will discuss how to scale up ideas to movements to effective organizations and how to manage these effectively and durably.

  1. Effective Management: Setting up and running an organisation effectively
    GNP+ & partners
  2. READY+ Project: From a project to a movement
  3. Project management: Promising practices of youth led program

The Activist While progressing in our global fight against HIV/AIDS, human rights remain of critical importance, especially to those groups that not everywhere accepted and protected by law. This house will address human rights issues that are most present these days, among which sex workers, transgenders and LGBTIQ+, and how to best improve their rights.

  1. Changing the Rules: How can young people challenge laws and policies that deny women and girls their reproductive rights?
  2. Trans rights: Punitive laws & access to health care
    Ministry of Health - Brazil
  3. Demanding your place: International rights for young sex workers

The Advocate Advocacy platforms are growing globally, which comes with substantial successes but also pitfalls. What can we learn from other countries, and how should advocacy strategies be adapted in different regions or when dealing with different (religious) leaders? In this house we will share experiences from established advocacy platforms to become more effective in our effort ourselves.

  1. Effective community engagement and translating high-level advocacy messages to reach youth organizations in the SRHR World
    Amsterdam Youth Force, International Youth Alliance for Family Planning
  2. Tackling the Obstacles in Advocacy: A youth perspective
  3. The Fact-Finding Matrix: Enabling Youth to hold their Governments Accountable to International Human Rights Obligations
    Shama Abbasi, Jindal Global Law School, India

The Gender Specialist: Women and those who identify as such play an important role in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, however the current approach is insufficient and male dominance is still ubiquitous. This house will empower women on sexual equality, bodily autonomy and gender sensitive policy making.

  1. Equal chances and rights
    Love Planet
  2. Phenomenal woman: Sexual safety and bodily autonomy
    Uganda Youth Coalition on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Rights
  3. Women Leadership and Participation in the HIV Response/Women and Girls
    Athena, Nalwanga Resty Tendo

The Peer Counselor Coping with a positive HIV diagnosis can be very challenging, especially when experiencing stigma. Talking to peers that have gone through the same process and that understand your situation can be an important addition to services provided by health care workers. This will empower those facing (self-)stigma to eventually become a peer counselor yourself

  1. Bridging the virtual and real: LGBTQ e-support groups for stronger health- and rights-focused outreach
    Humsafar Trust
  2. Faith and Support - Religion as a tool for Peer Counselling
    Collaboration with the Interfaith Pre-conference
  3. [TBA]

The Peer Educator Peer to peer education remains one of the most effective ways of spreading knowledge, fighting ignorance and stigma. This house will cover what is takes to become a peer educator with sufficient skills to update your knowledge based on accurate online information

  1. "What's eating everyone's noodle?"- a mental health workshop for youth peer-educators
    Humsafar Trust
  2. Tackling challenges faced by adolescents living with and affected by HIV: An EECA perspective
  3. "No Sex Before Marriage!" - A dialogue between youth and religious leaders

The SRHR specialist Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is an important topic that is closely related to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Even more so is the receiving (and thus giving) of comprehensive sexual education. This house will engage the audience in the global challenges around sexual taboo and sexual consent, and how these relate to HIV prevention.

  1. Effective family planning and HIV programming for youth: A matter of human rights and key to economic development.
    International Youth Alliance for Family Planning
  2. Tools for Comprehensive Sexual Education
    Right Here Right Now
  3. Youth friendly services, safe and legal abortion
    Right Here Right Now

The Medical Specialist Medical professionals that have specialized in HIV/AIDS healthcare will be facing PLHIV that may experience (self-) stigma and struggle with accepting their lifelong dependency on ART. How can we improve our healthcare to this particular group of people where it is of even greater importance to gain their trust, stimulate an open conversation without taboos, while still explaining the importance of ART and compliance? This house will be full of do's and don'ts for health care workers around PLHIV.

  1. Do’s and don’ts in service provision to adolescent and young people living with HIV
  2. Drug compliance: strategies for stimulating and improving drug adherence
    Amsterdam Youth Force
  3. Take care of YOURSELF! Support for self-initiated interventions for SRHR

The Prevention Specialist The use of drugs to enhance sexual experiences is an upcoming trend that when becoming excessive can lead to problematic situations with a high risk of HIV infection. This house will zoom in on the problematic aspect of this trend in a non-judgmental fashion, and will cover how best to approach these issues and how to reduce harm and prevent new HIV infections while empowering people to make their own choices.

  1. Be Prepared: Workshop on PrEP
    Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Nigeria
  2. Young people who use drugs: an EECA perspective on preventing HIV transmission
    AFEW International
  3. [TBA]

The Pharmacist Science is making progress and drugs have become available to suppress HIV, however many hurdles have to be overcome to make these drugs available to anyone and everyone that needs them. This house will go in-depth into the processes of medicine logistics and accessibility in various parts of the world, from pharmaceutical companies to local pharmacies.

  1. Medicine Logistics
    Platform for Supply Chain Management
  2. Access to medicine: the role of intellectual property management
    Universities Allied for Essential Medicine
  3. [TBA]





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